That's right, the GOP tax reform bill includes a break for smaller beer producers.  The plan would cut in half the taxes on Beer, Wine and other alcohol drinks on the first 60,000 barrels produced. We read about it here.

As strange as this sounds, considering the rest of the plan, this part actually has bipartisan support.  That's right, both Republicans and Democrats support this small part of the tax reform bill. Clearly, the Beer Overlords control both parties of the US Senate and Legislature.  It may not be pretty, but now we know who's really in charge!

Sure the rest of the plan is a total money grab that hurts the working class, the middle class and people who simply have class in order to give huge tax breaks to the rich assholes that contribute to political candidates and parties, as well as huge multinational corporations that will almost certainly NOT use it to create new jobs.  But at least we will get some nice new crafty brews out of it.